“Witch Bitch” is one of the main ways in which I identify myself. For me, reclaiming the words “witch” and “bitch” are representative of me reclaiming my power; taking titles that were given to women in an attempt to hurt and control them and turning them into an act of ferocious rebellion. Referring to myself as a witch bitch is telling the world that I take pride in all of the aspects of myself, even the aspects that are considered unsavory by the masses. So here are some ways to honor and empower your own inner Witch Bitch and create a life of magic and mayhem.

  1. Be Assertive: Society has conditioned women to be “ladies,” to be polite, to smile and laugh often and to never show any emotion that could be classified as “negative.” Being passionate, asking for what you want, openly showing your disagreement with situations, using your voice to make a difference…these are the traits of a Witch Bitch. There are ways to speak your truth that do not involve idle  threats, violence and insults (that’s aggression). Firmly telling people what you need in order to be successful and asking that they work with you to bring things into fruition is assertiveness.
  2. Find Comfort in Your Own Skin: Witch Bitches take pride in how fabulous they are. I’m not just talking about aesthetics, I’m talking about the essence of a person, the fire that burns in their belly and lights up their eyes. No matter how you look or what you believe find enough courage to love the shit out of yourself because it is a fact that we are composed of exploded stars and collapsed universes…how fucking fierce is that?
  3. Honor the Divine Feminine: Witch Bitches do not backstab; they are secure enough in their own magic, in the beauty of their own lives that they do no wish to bring harm or pain to other women. Witch Bitches lift their sisters up, they help to heal women who have asked them for healing, they lend a shoulder to cry on, an ear for venting and gentle hands for holding hair back when the nights get rough. Witch Bitches know that betrayal has a way of showing itself and making an ugly mess out of relationships and we are firm believers in the old adage “You reap what you sow.”
  4. DO NOT Give the Haters Your Power: When you let someone get under your skin, when you let the negative energy of others lessen your shine, you are giving away your power. DO NOT give away your power. You are the only one who has control over your life and where your thoughts go your energy flows…don’t let your thoughts dwell even for a second on someone else’s piss poor attitude.
  5. Love. : Witch Bitches are not afraid to love, they are not afraid to embrace change or explore new ideas. Witch Bitches are not afraid to learn different ways of experiencing the world, they are not afraid to love everyone and everything enthusiastically and openly. If there is nothing else that you do, let love set your soul on fire.
  6. Do Whatever the Fuck You Want!: Don’t ask permission. Trust your instincts. Revel in you power and in the awesomeness of your existence. Make magic every day.




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